Summer lovin’

Hello lads and ladies – oh how I have missed you all!

So exams are finally over (wahey!) and my looooooong summer has begun. However, it feels like my life has been a little non-stop since the end of school… but we’ll get onto that later as I’m sure most of you haven’t come here to hear about my personal life.

So, how many bras have bundled up in my house over the exam period?

A few.

Quite a few.

924 to be exact, leaving my current total at………………


Meaning that we have hit our target for Silver Duke of Edinburgh!!! Wahooooo!!! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated their bras throughout the last two years – it means a lot and it is incredible to think we have made a difference to over 5000 lives.


The list of thanks for this time is:

The Perfect Fit Boutique (who also helped me with all of my prom dress decisions!)


David Arthur Opticians

Gwyneth N


Michelle O

Anne F


Katy C

Kirsty F

The Old Mining College

Nikki T + The Style Library

Rose R

Hannah M

Vanessa E

Debbie A

Gill S

Thank you so so much, ladies!  You have no idea how humbled I am by all your help!

Now, should we move onto where I’ve been for like 3 months? Yeah, I think so.

It was my friend Freya’s birthday the day we had our last exam and so it only made sense to hold a two day birthday party for her that weekend where we camped out in the garden, had a large bonfire to burn a particularly large bundle of revision notes, and went bowling and mini-golfing.

The following Wednesday was our leavers’ assembly which, while not particularly emotional, was highly amusing as our year group got together to look back through photos taken of us since year 7 and were rewarded with some hilarious certificates and awards! We were also given our leavers’ hoodies; I think it is slightly too warm to wear them though…

The next day was…..PROM DAY! Everybody looked absolutely fabulous and it was such a good experience to be with everyone for one final time! Though, I must say, I don’t think I’ll be wearing heels again any time soon.

I have also had my 6th form inductions for EDA and Wolverhampton Girls’ High and I must say that it was such a good experience! I had taster sessions for my chosen subjects (biology, geography, and psychology) and had a good taster as to what life at the top of the school is like. Now all that’s left is to make the final decision as to which school is best for me…!

I spent a couple of days last week and the week before with Matt walking around Cannock Chase with a 10kg backpack to help me prepare for my DofE expedition considering I struggled with the training a few months ago.

My expedition was last week between Wednesday and Friday. Honestly, it went surprisingly well and I am so proud of our group for getting through the three hard days as we were definitely the group that suffered the most. Go team!!

While the weather was not particularly on our side as time went on, we still walked on and completed the exped!! It was incredibly pretty where we walked, however the amount of hills we had to ascend and then descend was absolutely ridiculous and I never want to climb another hill in my life… nor do I want to see another cow (there were so many!!!)

Despite my heels being a little destroyed with blisters and healing skin (yes, they do look as gross as they sound) I am surprisingly okay and can walk without being crippled! Maybe the training did help, as well as the new bag, boots, and socks (thank you Dad!!).

36.48 miles in total – I don’t think we did too badly at all!

And, of course, our aim was Jelly Babies’ Adventure once again!

Yeah, that hill you can see in the photo above, we climbed to the top, to the trig point, in the rain…. it was joyous I promise.

In the above photo we thought it would be quite cool to show how far we had walked over the three days! The red jelly baby is where we began and the green is where we ended! Go us!

The plan for this weekend was to chill and calm down after my adventures as well as making mass progress with my room (something I have been gradually re-doing over my free time)…. but this did not go to plan. On Sunday, my brother decided that it would be a wonderful idea to fall whilst warming up at rugby training and to dislocate his kneecap. Well done Max!


Oh the drama!  Medics everywhere!


So yes, yesterday was spent in hospital with my oh-so-clumsy brother as he got checked out and bandaged up. A round of applause please! I think we can safely say he will be having a very quite 6 week Summer holiday this year!

Now, it has dawned on me that I turn 16 this coming Friday. Yes! 16 already! I am super excited though as we have organised for a large group of us to go and see the new “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again” as it is released on my birthday (how convenient?) and the original “Mamma Mia!” film is one of my all time favourite films, so really it was almost obligatory that we go and see it!

However before Friday arrives my amazing group of girl friends has organised a joint birthday lunch tomorrow for my friend Karina and me as her birthday was on Saturday! How cute? Very cute.

Now, what else have I got planned? Oh yes! NCS!

As of next Monday I will begin my NCS adventure where I’ll have two weeks residential (one at PGL and one at Stafford Uni) and two weeks local charity work. I’ll be meeting loads of new people as well as spending time with some of my existing friends and I’m so excited! Though the camping at PGL may not be as fun.. I’ve only just escaped DofE camping!!!  On the plus side, the two week charity work for NCS may give me the opportunity to give BRAfrica a good old plug and hopefully get more people on board!

After that I believe that there is only results day that is lingering in the distance before school begins again! Oh the joys…

I believe that’s all for now! I should hopefully be keeping you more updated from now on… barring any further family accidents!




Blooming GCSEs and 8 weeks of hell!

Good afternoon my bras and bralettes!

Yes, long time no see…again. I swear I’m not avoiding you all! This year is just doing a fantastic job of keeping me on my toes.

With my GCSEs starting in a terrifying two weeks, my life is consisting of mountains of revision and homework, plus my job every Saturday where young children trust me with their lives as they flail in a pool that I can’t touch the bottom of myself! Not to mention my house is overflowing with bags and bags and bags of bras for me to count and box up! I love BRAfrica, I really do, but this is the worst time to possibly try to complete a Duke of Edinburgh award!

Despite the challenges it all brings – can we just take a minute to reflect on why this is such a good thing – BRAS.   Something we take for granted as being readily available to us in every shade and colour to match every outfit.  Bras that we buy and hide in drawers, sometimes only wearing one once before discarding it or forgetting about it.  Bras which can literally change and help a woman’s life abroad.  Bras that can prevent rape.  Bras that can prevent infection.  Bras that can provide a feeling of safety.  Our bras – enabling all of us to help make life a little better for someone  without having to put our hands in our pockets / plead for sponsorship!! Spread the word and let’s help as many women as we can!!

Anyway, during this month where I seem to have been MIA, we have collected a silly amount of bras. To put it into perspective – the mass of bags we had filled half of my living room… no, I’m not joking.

So, who wants to know the current total of bras?

It’s a massive, drldrldrldrldrdldrldrldrldrldrldrldrldrldrldrldrldrldrldrldlrl…..


We have a new drop off point too: Lyrica Dance School in Tamworth who have already given us loads of bras! Welcome to the club, guys!

lyrica dance school.jpg

I have also been talking to one of my colleagues at work, Nat, who works for Ann Summers and holds parties for them most weeks. She’s such a star and has said that she will spread the love and hopefully encourage people to bring their old bras to her parties so that she can donate them for the better! How fab is that?

David Arthur Opticians has proved to be very popular recently too! The bags we picked up from there filled the backseat of Dad’s truck! Yeah, they took a while to count..!

silly amount of bras from David Arthur

Someone else who has donated a massive amount of bras recently is the lovely Katy Carr who I met last year the first time she donated. She has donated 5 or 6 bags in the recent weeks so I’d just like to give her a huge thank you for all her efforts!  Also big thanks to my lovely neighbour Kirsty F for transporting them around for me!

Other thanks go to:

Gill S

Dinah B

Debonhair (again, so many bras!!)

The Old Mining College (filled their box twice within 24 hours!)

Linda E

Kirsty F

Venetia R

Thank you all so much!

In other exciting news, Andy Kerr was kind enough to do another article for me in the Mercury – that may explain the sudden explosion of bras… It also reminds me how much publicity helps so I will have to chase up City Life and Staffordshire Outlook who also helped me with articles last year.

2nd newspaper article

Okay so why have I been MIA, you ask? Well…GCSE study and swimming aside..

First of all, we had to organise and make food for Easter when we had a family lunch – yummy! I hope you all got a visit from the Easter Bunny; he was very generous this year!

Secondly, we went away to Barcelona for 5 days which was luurrrrrvely! Two days of rain wasn’t fun but I can’t say I’d hesitate to go back!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thirdly, as mentioned at the beginning, I have had my nose buried in every single revision book I own because the good ol’ GCSEs begin in two weeks. 8 weeks of hell is just around the corner and I can promise you I have never been more excited for anything to be over… ever.

One Sunday my dad, my brother, my boyfriend, and I decided that we needed to get out of the house, so what else would you do besides go and do Go Ape? We had so much fun and charged at every obstacle head on – even if our knees were made of jelly and our guts turning like a merry-go-round…

In the future?

My Silver DofE Practice is next weekend – how fun! Two days and two nights…

When the group met last month to plan our routes for the practice and qualifying expeditions, we had a very unexpected surprise. Our group has gained two more members from another school: Jack and Ria! Luckily we all get along really well and they are such a giggle so they are a welcome addition to the team!

Our qualifying expedition takes place in July (11,12,13) – just a week before my birthday! Three days of walking for 7 hours and two nights of possibly unsuccessful sleep… this will be fun!

Just after my birthday I am heading off to PGL Boreatton Park as I embark on a new adventure called NCS! We have a week at PGL doing all sorts of activities (ouch), followed by a week away at Staffordshire University doing, I believe, more activities, and finally two weeks at home doing local volunteering jobs / a project to help our local areas. Now that is exciting! What a busy summer I have ahead of me!!

Just before I go, I’d just like to reiterate that we only collect bras. Please, please, please, DO NOT give us pants / underwear unless that are BRAND NEW WITH LABELS! Smalls for All only take brand new underwear for hygiene reasons. So please, keep this in mind when donating – thank you!!

I think that’s all for now, cheerio!


Busy, busy, busy bee!

Well hello there!

Long time no see, my friends… my bad! I have been so so so busy recently with mock exams (again!), revision, DofE practice trips, concerts, and counting so many bras.

So, what to tell you about first?

Bras, or life? Bras, or life? Life, or bras? Hmmmmm…

Bras it is! (Considering this is a bra blog..)

The grand total at this period of time is:


3592 bras!

I repeat: that’s three thousand, five hundred, and ninety two! Holy guacamole! 3000 over my original total of 500.  Just wow – I am humbled by your support.

Our list of thanks this time goes to:

Tasha C

Gill S

Kat H

Kirsty F

Flower E (thank you Mummy!)

Dinah B

Katy C!

A big, special thank you again to Dinah and Katy who have collected and donated a humongous amount of bras in the past few weeks – my house has been overflowing with underwear recently! The support bring provided by these two lovely ladies is simply outstanding and very much appreciated.  It really is incredible to think that we are making such a difference to large numbers of women that we’ve never met.

As I am still at the beginning of this Silver Challenge, I do think it worthwhile to spend a few minutes remembering why I am doing this.   Who knew that bras could make such a difference? Such a simple everyday item that we take for granted here in the UK is so needed and wanted in less fortunate communities.  Bras can help prevent back problems, help stop infections caused by sweat and bacteria, and help towards preventing sexual assault by suggesting a male figure in life.  How incredible? Very!!  With the rise of the throwaway society we appear to live in, so many of us go out and buy bras without trying them on only to wear them once, decide they are not comfortable and then tuck them away in a drawer…. never to be seen again!  It’s time to rummage through those drawers and bring out the bras!

And so, with the mass of bras we’ve had recently, my boyfriend and I spent our friday night boxing up a whopping 650 bras together (which took a while, believe me! Thank you Matt!). Let’s just let the pictures express the final result…

Today mum and I ventured into Lichfield to pay Morgan Arthur a visit at David Arthur Opticians  who has kindly agreed to be a drop off point again for my silver award! I couldn’t have asked for a better, more positive response from Morgan and I have hope that his shop will be as popular as it was for the Bronze award. Thank you so so much!

Morgan drop off point 2018

We plan on dropping into my other current drop off points to re-establish contact with them in the comming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for those announcements! Also, exciting news is brewing as we are reaching out to a BRAND NEW DROP OFF POINT IN TAMWORTH!!! Oh yes, ladies, we are branching out! I will keep you all updated and the final result to this should be made public in the next few weeks – fingers crossed!!  Spreading the word one town at a time!  Of course, if anyone reading this wants to set up their own collection point – please get in touch.  We may have to work on the logistics of being able to move bras around …. but it shouldn’t be impossible (if you are UK based!!)

In other exciting news, I have reached out to Andy Kerr at The Mercury newspaper again.  You will remember he ran the first article on my challenge last year.  I am hoping that a new piece in the local papers will once again kick start people to bring out their bras.   I have no doubt that he will do another incredible job and we will receive such an amazing response from the public. Thank you, Andy!

Last Sunday, despite being in the middle of exams, was the date planned for our first DofE trip for this year.  It was a shock to the system to say the least… my new group and I got lugged all the way to the Peak District to walk continuously for a day with a map and a compass! Luckily we did not have our gigantic rucksacks and so walking for 6 hours was considerably easier than it will be on our next expeditions. We had such a laugh! The highlight was definitely Charlie’s clumsiness as he fell over countless times and his foot got engulfed in thick, yellow clay that had a horrible resemblance to baby sick… yuck! Sorry, Charlie, but your clumsy nature is what is going to get us through the three long days of walking for 6-7 hours at a time!

Next Sunday I’m back in school (not the place to be on a Sunday, I know) to help my group plan our routes for the practice and qualifying expeditions! After the training last week, I’m really looking forward to the expeditions. Yes, they will hurt. Yes, I will get blisters. Yes, my little legs are going to struggle to keep up. However, we have such a great and funny team I think we can get through it all. Go team!

Just in case you’re wondering where else I have been recently other than in a field, I have been in the sports hall sitting an unnecessary number of mock exams. The first week consisted of three exams a day – ugh! Thankfully the second week was one or two per day, but D of E training the weekend right in the middle of the fortnight was not helpful at all! As if I had to prioritize walking over maths and physics… can’t say I’m hugely annoyed though!

I believe that’s all for now! Thanks for dropping by ….. I’m off to sit and watch the Great British Bake Off… Adios!





Hectic half-term!


Okay so yes I am two weeks behind on blogs already, I’m sorry! My excuse is valid I swear!! My parents decided to abandon me and my brother while they went to Venice for the weekend – how rude?! Epic photos though!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So we were left with my Pompa for three days and I was unable to access my stash of bras… That sounds weird doesn’t it? Yeah…. Moving on!

Last weekend the whole family was super busy and, really, it’s been non-stop here! There will be another next week  with a new total!

This weeks thanks go to:

Gill S

Sue A

Sara P

Chloe M

Angie N

and Sarah D (All the way from Hong Kong!)

Parents next to big buddha
Hi Sarah! (Yeah, the parents ditched us a couple years ago to go and visit Sarah in Hong Kong. They are so inconsiderate!)

Thank you, ladies!

There has been 88 new bras in this week  and so the total for this blog is….


These last few weeks haven’t been all that exciting if I’m honest. I have, however, been offered a place at EDA’s sixth form (yayyy!) and I have also discussed BRAfrica with my head teacher, Mr Maydew, who has said that he is willing to join this bra movement I have going on here. Thank you very much, Sir! I’m hoping for either a mass text message to all the parents or a mention in the school magazine…. fingers crossed!

The past week has been very dull and stressful as I have worked my socks off (or should i say bra off..!) to finish my statistics coursework, finish my graphics, and keep up with my swimming tutoring.. but it is all over and done with now!  Well, until next week when it all starts again..

Equally as dull was the two hour history session my class had Monday morning – it’s half term! Give us a break! Now it’s more revision with the next half term kicking off with another set of mock exams… Thrilling.  This GCSE year is certainly piling on the pressure!


Yesterday we took a trip into Netherstowe to pay a visit to Deb in Debonhair. As well as picking the large bra mountain  she had for us (thank you Dinah!), we also checked that she was still okay to be a drop off point for my silver award. Good news, she is! And the 5 or 6 huge bags we picked up will be counted and mentioned in the next blog!

Maria at Smalls for All gave me another mention in her thank you post this week – it’s always nice to get a mention!



I think that’s all for today! I’m heading off out for afternoon tea later – how snazzy!


Tomorrow we also have a busy day as I’m at work before going to a medium night with Mum and Hannah T! SpoOoOoOoky!

shaggy and scooby

I shall see you next week ladies and jelly-spoons!

Thanks for dropping by


And so it begins again…hello Silver DofE!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and a Happy New Year to you all!

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas period; we sure did! Christmas Day was a good ol’ family day and New Year’s Eve was so funny as we had a load of friends round to do a murder mystery dinner party! Didn’t we all look fab…

new years eve

But enough about that, it’s time for the update you’ve all been waiting for…

You will remember when I first started off on this journey I set myself a target of 500 bras – a target that was achievable but also a challenge.   Who knew that target would be smashed so quickly and by the time I left you all last year the total had reached the dizzying heights of 2465!   So over the past few months – bras have continued to come in.  Although not actively promoting BRAfrica – work has been continuing in the shadows and … brace yourselves…. the first 2018 bra total is (drldrldrldrlrldrldrldrldrldrldrldrldrdldrldrldrl):

3 2 6 6 …HOLY MOLY

How did we hit 3000?! Well done girlies!!

Our list of thanks to start off this year goes to:

Karen B

Allison W

Kirsty F

Michelle O

Karen and Amelia W-D

The Mining College


Special thanks to Dinah Brown who has collected a whopping 700 bras for me (Wahooooo! Three cheers for Dinah!). Another huge thanks to Marie Wright who we met a few weeks ago to receive a gigantic box containing 20kg (yes 20kg!!) of bras. Thank you so so much, ladies!  Dinah has been such a supportive figure over the past couple of months and I thoroughly enjoy our email exchanges!  It was also a great pleasure to meet up with Marie during last month – knowing and meeting these two ladies help to keep my enthusiasm going and drive me forward to keep doing more.  Thank you!

This morning I had to force myself out of bed so I could start counting the mass of bras we had lingering in the office. I did film a time-lapse to show you all but it’s too long to post! Just my luck isn’t it?  However – all is not lost and you can view it over on my Facebook page!

We have, however, got a few photos!


That’s right, we filled 9 boxes today! 9!!! Just count them, I know you won’t…!

So, this leads us onto asking: where is 2018 going to take us? Well, we have an ever-growing to-do list and , I’ll tell you what, it’s actually quite an exciting one (although slightly terrifying too!)

  1. I want to try to reach a very optimistic total of 5000 bras. That’s a lot… but with your help I am sure we have got this!!!
  2. I also would like to create direct contact  with some of the communities that we are helping.  How awesome would that be – to see my boxes arrive where they are needed the most.  I’m not sure even where to start with this so if anyone knows of a good starting point then please drop me a line!  I remember that my family used to sponsor a child in Malawi when I was younger … perhaps Malawi would be a good starting point?
  3. Although BRAfrica is larger now than I ever thought it would be – 2018 will see me trying to spread the word of BRAfrica even further.   The Lichfield and Burntwood communities have been fabulous and the amazing help from Dinah and Marie have spread the word to Penkridge!  Facebook has been awesome in mustering support from small clusters of my parents’ friends –  but this year I want to push the boundaries as far as I can and really get the word going…which bring me on to my next point..
  4. I am going to try and overcome my fear of public speaking…… I’m thinking of starting small, leaving the safety of my laptop screen, and looking into whether  I can do talks to small groups of ladies to spread the word.
  5. I also want to get more of my local schools on board – really there is no reason why every school shouldn’t have a BRAfrica box mopping up all those bras!

Leading on from that target, if you have any groups you would like me to come and give a small and talk to, you can contact me here!   Although my time is pretty tight with all my GCSEs coming up and my regular swimming work…. I’m sure I could fit a couple of talks in too!

In order to spread the word of BRAfrica further, I am going to have to organise some more drop off points as well as ensuring that my current drop off points are still able to collect – this week will be sorting meetings out with Deb from Debonhair (Netherstowe), Morgan Arthur from David Arthur Opticians (Lichfield), Jo from The Old Mining College (Chasetown), and Mrs Barton at Erasmus Darwin Academy (Chasetown).

More news and changes: a new DofE award means a new group for the expedition. This time around we have a small group of 5 instead of 7 and everyone is different except myself and Georgi. We’re now joined by Charlie F, Ben M, and Oscar B. I promise a group photo will be uploaded as soon as we can get one!

I think that’s all for today! The blog updates are back and BRAfrica Silver is officially up and running!

Get those old bras shifting ladies! It’s time for a clear out!!

See you next week!



So, this is it…

Good afternoon, my upper-decker-flopper-stoppers!

As you are all aware, today is 3rd September: meaning that my Bronze DofE Brafrica Project has come to an end. *sniffles*

crying child

Oh, please, stop crying! Give me a few months and I’ll be back again for my Silver Award! Gah! You’re all such drama queens!

So, shall we take a moment to reflect on the past 6 months of BRAfrica?


On 21st January 2017, I sat down in my pyjamas and set up this blog after a long family discussion as to what I could do for my DofE that would actually make a significant difference to the lives of others.

As a family, we settled on an end goal of 500 bras. I remember being sat there thinking ‘if I manage to collect 500 bras, I will be so happy! 500 is a lot!!’. Little did I know that I would smash that target within 8 weeks!!! Never did I dream that after 7 months I would have over 2000!

brafrica-60-brasHere we have the infamous photo of me with my first pile of bras. I can tell you there are 60 bras in this photo, and that I was over the moon to be boxing up my first batch of bras.

And here we have a series of photos from only a few months later where we had 7 boxes in a week, piles larger than my dogs, and piles large enough to jump out of! Who would’ve thought?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am unbelievably proud to announce that our final total for my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award BRAfrica Project is….

Two thousand, four hundred and sixty-five bras (that’s 49 and a half boxes)

2465 reaction

Yeah, I know! What an odd number to finish on! Honesty it could have at least been a nice round number!

laughing monkey

Okay, okay, I’ll be serious now.

Together, we have managed to donate enough bras to help change the lives of so many women. We have prevented horrific things such as rape, inslavery, and infections, as well as improving their person hygiene and probable back pain. What an amazing thought.

I believe I have some thanks to give…

This week’s bra givers are:

Millie T

Debonhair, on quite a large-scale!

and Alli W

Thank you guys!

Now, I would like to take a moment to thank Morgan from David Arthur Opticians, Deb from Debonhair, and the ladies at the Old Mining College for being absolutely fantastic. I am so grateful for their support and the phenomenal amount of bras they have all collected as a contribution to this project. Thank you!

I would also like to thank Jayne Marks for her unwavering support throughout my BRAfrica journey. Jayne is the lady who organised two of the three drop off points, as well as my interview with Andy for the Mercury newspaper a few months ago. Thank you so much!

There is one woman in particular that I would like to speak about, as she has been my No. 1 supporter since day 1. She has stood by my through these past 7 months and has helped me, supported me, and guided me through sticky patches. Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for my mum please! (photo from Crete 2015)


Last but not least I would also like to thank my beautiful models for being a large part of my BRAfrica image and journey! Woof!

Oh! And a huge shoutout to Group 2! Well done for completing your Bronze Awards guys, perhaps we’ll end up doing silver together too!


Right, moving forward onto next time!

Of course I shall be kicking this project off again next time when I begin my Silver Award! My volunteering will be, obviously, collecting my bras, and my skills section will be a continuation of my social media skills. Hey, you may even end up getting a few vlogs as I go about my bra business! Who knows?

Before I go, just a reminder:

We will never turn down bras so keep ’em coming!

I believe that’s all for now! I shall see you again for my silver award…


Holy bra-comoly!

Hello bras and bralettes! Long time no see!

Now, the next blog post I do will be the final blog post for BRAfrica until it hits off again as this part of my DofE ends at the end of this month… *sniffles and cries are heard*

I know, I know, it’s been fun! And, whilst being fun, us as a community of ladies (and gentlemen – I’m not here to judge!) have potentially made a difference to

2342 women

How amazing is that? Very. It is very amazing.  2342 bras … that initial aim of 500 bras seems so long ago. I can remember getting excited when I reached 100 bras!!  2342 bras which would possibly have been thrown away and ended up in landfill are now continuing to provide an uplifting and supportive experience to  ladies in various countries in Africa.  Just wow.

This week, our thanks go to:

David Arthur Opticians


The Old Mining College

Nick S (his drop off from the university girls!)

Michelle O

and Charlotte S!

Just a reminder that we are collecting BRAS ONLY! Please do not send underwear, swimming costumes, tights, corsets, etc. Thank you 🙂 !

Now for a quick catch up before we find out what’s coming up in the next few weeks…

As you may have seen on my Facebook page (@TaylorBRAfrica – go and follow me if you aren’t already!), following on from my previous magazine articles – I was featured in Staffordshire Outlook too!!


Two weeks ago, yours truly spent two whole days in the blazing sun carrying an unnecessarily large rucksack to complete my bronze DofE! Woop woop! Our group’s aim was to complete a Jelly Babies DofE Adventure, so, we had 7 jelly babies (I was green) that showed our journey through a series of pictures. Unfortunately my camera died as soon as we started walking because someone (cough MUM cough) forgot to charge it so I only have two photos of the whole expedition as we used Joe’s camera for the rest. Nevertheless here you go!


The Friday before DofE, Mum and I went to go and see the legendary Blink-182!!! IT. WAS. A M A Z I N G. Mum was loving enough to buy a tour shirt for me!!  A fantastic concert and we both came out suitably deaf!

And finally, little ol’ me had a birthday and turned 15 – happy birthday me! I spent the day at school watching films (I mean it was the last full day!) and then I went out for a meal with my family, Pompa, and Matthew where I was surprised with..quite the candle…! I had an amazing birthday and now have a small library of 12 books to work myself though this summer! I’m afraid you won’t be seeing much of me; too busy in another world!

Okay so now we’ve covered the past few weeks, lets take a look into the future!

Back to the futuree.jpg

Next week, a week today actually, the Nut House (minus the dogs and the snake) flies to Salou! Can I get a ‘OooooOOoo’? Super sun, a beach across the road, historic roman ruins, and a water park!

Tarragona Ampitheatre ^                         Me right now ^

And, sadly, the end of BRAfrica is drawing near but fear not – BRAfrica will be up and running again next year for my silver! WE WILL NEVER TURN A BRA DOWN! If you miss the deadline (Aug 30) we will still take in your donations and store them until next year!

I believe that is all for this week! Adios amigos, and happy (wet) summer!


Boobalicious ladies!

Aloha one and all!

So, we better start with the big news!

We have hit 2000 bras! 2094 to be exact. That smashes the original target of 500 by 4 gigantic times!

I am completely blown away by the amount of support I have received – to think that together we have changed and improved the lives of so many women! Just WOW.

Massive thanks for the continuing support and this weeks Roll of Honour includes:

Sue P

Jo G (again!! – you superstar!)

Viv P

Allison W

Vanessa S (again! Another superstar!)

Jackie C

And of course our drop off points at:

David Arthur Opticians, Lichfield

Debonhair, Lichfield

The Old Mining College, Chasetown

Thank you very much guys!

Now, you may be wondering where I’ve been lately… well…

Last weekend I was off on my DofE practice expedition which was extremely tiring! It was so different to the training expedition that we ended up getting so lost on the first day that it took us 2.5 hours extra to complete the trek!! The second day was much better and we did it in exactly 6 hours – go team! Thank you Kyle and Charlotte for 90% of the photos taken that weekend!

Now, the D of E practice was very poorly timed because it was slap-bang in the middle of all of my mock exams. So during the week I was non-stop revising, over the weekend I was non-stop walking, and then I was back to non-stop revision! My life is quite something right now……. work, revision, study, school, repeat.  Bring on the Summer Holidays!!!

Publicity wise, City Life magazine ( dropped through the letterbox the other week and guess who had an article featured – little me!!



It’s been another busy Sunday morning packing up boxes and another four are now ready to go up to Smalls for All



That’s it for this post – thanks for dropping by!





News, news, news!

So here’s a quick story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down…in the past 3 weeks…

First of all, I was on my DofE training weekend and so was unable to do my blog; however I had a fantastic time and learnt a few nifty tricks along the way! unfortunately I didn’t get many photos, but my friends nicked my camera and took a few for me! (You’re welcome guys; these are definitely the most beautiful photos!)

The weekend after, I was revising for my very first GCSE – English Lit. My whole year has taken it early and so my weekend was planned in a way where I could cram in as much information about Macbeth, Jekyll & Hyde, An Inspector Calls, and power and conflict poetry as I possibly could. Or so I thought…

On the Saturday, after work, I went to my first party which wasn’t ideal before a GCSE but that all went smoothly and I got home safely to find that my dad had broken his leg and was in hospital. Well done Dad…

So, Sunday morning consisted of Macbeth revision whilst waiting to hear how Dad’s surgery had gone (he broke his tibia and his fibula and also dislocated his foot completely – plates, pins and screws!!) and Sunday afternoon’s Jekyll & Hyde revision was done at 80mph traveling down the motorway to visit Captain Calamity in hospital.

visiting daddy

Not the ideal weekend or the calm  serenity I was planning for last minute cramming – but hey ho!

Thankfully the exams on Monday and Friday went well and I have positive vibes and am remaining optimistic despite not finishing the paper……ok, so I may have missed the last question completely…… but really….it’s fine!!

I don’t really have an excuse as to why I didn’t do my blog this week but, hey, I’m here now!!



This weeks thanks go to:

Viv P

Georgi P

The lovely Barrs (who I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of years back when we paddled our way down the Ardeche gorge with PGL)

Nick and Stef Sweenie who have offered to pool their resources in student accommodation across the UK to bring in the over shoulder boulder holders! Isn’t that amazing? Thank you guys!

Karen B (who also send a beautiful thank you for the card – it was a lovely surprise… and my mum says “HI!!”)

Charlotte S

Michelle O

Hannah T and the Fulfen Staff (lovely to see my old school supporting me!)

Erasmus Darwin Academy / The Zone staff

Lynne + the girls from Handsworth PS

And not forgetting the fabulous Gaynor who has collected a whopping 118 for me from the ladies at Homeserve! A huge thanks to her! BRAvo!!


Also, another little thanks to my brother and his friends who helped me out this weekend by packaging up bras with me – although I feel like it may have been more of a chore than teenage boy fantasy…

boys helping out
Captain Fantastic managed to break his lid in seconds… *eye roll* he definitely takes after his father!

Our current total is now….


Holy quack!! That’s nearly 2000, come on ladies! Get digging!

In other news, as most of you are aware, my blogging was done to fulfill a further section of my DofE challenge and I am proud to say that the skills challenge of my DofE has now come to an end for this year

*audience sighs and a sob is heard from the corner*

HOWEVER I AM NOT STOPPING …..EVERYBODY STOP CRYING!!! My blog updates will no longer be weekly but I do promise to update as often as I can as the amount of support I’ve received from this blog is unbelievable!  My next half term at schools is crammed full of end of year exams, more DofE expeditions, and end of term swimming badges (for those who don’t know, I work as a swimming assistant with Super Sharkys Swim School

For now, I am off camping for the next few days with my best friend, Georgi, in the Cotswalds before I bury my head again in revision books.  After that I have my next practice DofE expedition …. wheel on the ration packs!!

That’s all for now!!  Thanks for dropping by and…….. let’s get the total over 2000!!!



Mount BRAfrica erupts!


Well I must say ladies, you really have done some rummaging in two weeks while I’ve been at Harry Potter World / Warner Bros studios! I had such an amazing time and have the photos to prove it ;)!!!

I digress….

In two weeks we have collected 340 bras meaning our current total (unless I can’t count) is……


Woop woop! 1000+ of my original target!

I managed to make my very own Mount BRAfrica with all the bras…

lots of bras!

Did you appreciate my GIF at the top?  Still increasing my web skills…and yes, I did hide in them and explode from them like a volcano… I should also confess that the final GIF was attempt number 3 – do you know how hard it is to explode from a pile of bras without them becoming attached to your hair??!

Special thanks this week go to:

Gina S

Vanessa S

Sarah P


The Old Mining College (big thanks to Kate W for dropping them in to me)

Massive BRAvos also to Katy C and her lovely daughters, Charlotte and Imogen(with a little help with logistics from Kirsty F), who collected a whole 100 for us! How fantastic is that? Way to go girls!!

Also, don’t fear BRAfrica fans; I have been informed that Michelle O will be dropping in on Sunday with bras for us all! Phew – no longer missing in action!

I dropped into Debonhair the other day to empty her collection box and I ended up coming out with another motherload of bras! Three bags yet again!

another big collect from debonhair

Not forgetting now this week’s count is in – the weekly pile of boxes to be shipped up to Smalls for All

more boxes


In other interesting news before we go onto the plans for the week ahead, I got a mention in Smalls For All’s monthly thank you post and I am so proud to have made it onto that list! It makes all of this worthwhile when you realise that the hundreds of bras you’re sending off are actually going out, helping, and changing lives.

smalls for all mention

So, without further a do, here’s the plan for the  week ahead in the land of BRAfrica!

This week is email writing time – I shall be writing emails to  Staffordshire Outlook and City Life magazines in the hope they may help to publicise BRAfrica and get even more bras – because 1617 is not nearly enough!!

Oh… before I forget! We’ve had no underwear  since my last post! We have, however, had a random bag, a corset (??) and a vest… Didn’t expect to find a corset to be honest!

Moving on to this week’s random bra facts!

According to Rigby & Peller (for those who don’t know who Rigby & Peller are, they are a rather up-market supplier of underwear and they’ve had a Royal Warrant of Appointment to The Queen since 1960):

  • A third of women frequently discard a bra immediately after purchase when they get home and discover it doesn’t fit properly after all
  • 20% admit they haven’t worn lingerie which was bought on impulse
  • 70% would rather wear am old grey bra which feels like a second skin than an expensive new purchase which turns out to be uncomfortable

That’s all for this week!

Thanks for dropping by