Bras are one of the most needed items of clothing in some of the countries located in Africa. For my Duke Of Edinburgh Awards, I’ve decided to collect as many second hand (or brand new if you’re exceedingly generous!) bras from women in my local area (Burntwood/Lichfield etc) which I can send to a company who will give them to those who need them. This is a project which I wish to continue throughout my DofE awards.

This blog is for keeping my progress and successes throughout this project, and is also a way which allows all of you to get involved too! I will be leaving links on some of my blogs which will allow you to visit my BRAfrica social media sites and special events where you can donate bras yourself or recommend to a friend.

It would be amazing if those of you who are interested could spread the word of BRAfrica to your fellow girlfriends, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, nieces, cousins, anyone who may have excess bras that they’re planning to get rid of! Share this page, or my social medias to spread the feminine love. It would be greatly appreciated!

My BRAfrica challenge is forming the volunteering/charity section of my DofE challenge and this blog and associated social media sites will form my skill section.  As my website building skills improve – all sites will change regularly to take into account my new skills.  For now, all web based promotions are work in progress!