Boobalicious ladies!

Aloha one and all!

So, we better start with the big news!

We have hit 2000 bras! 2094 to be exact. That smashes the original target of 500 by 4 gigantic times!

I am completely blown away by the amount of support I have received – to think that together we have changed and improved the lives of so many women! Just WOW.

Massive thanks for the continuing support and this weeks Roll of Honour includes:

Sue P

Jo G (again!! – you superstar!)

Viv P

Allison W

Vanessa S (again! Another superstar!)

Jackie C

And of course our drop off points at:

David Arthur Opticians, Lichfield

Debonhair, Lichfield

The Old Mining College, Chasetown

Thank you very much guys!

Now, you may be wondering where I’ve been lately… well…

Last weekend I was off on my DofE practice expedition which was extremely tiring! It was so different to the training expedition that we ended up getting so lost on the first day that it took us 2.5 hours extra to complete the trek!! The second day was much better and we did it in exactly 6 hours – go team! Thank you Kyle and Charlotte for 90% of the photos taken that weekend!

Now, the D of E practice was very poorly timed because it was slap-bang in the middle of all of my mock exams. So during the week I was non-stop revising, over the weekend I was non-stop walking, and then I was back to non-stop revision! My life is quite something right now……. work, revision, study, school, repeat.  Bring on the Summer Holidays!!!

Publicity wise, City Life magazine ( dropped through the letterbox the other week and guess who had an article featured – little me!!



It’s been another busy Sunday morning packing up boxes and another four are now ready to go up to Smalls for All



That’s it for this post – thanks for dropping by!






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