News, news, news!

So here’s a quick story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down…in the past 3 weeks…

First of all, I was on my DofE training weekend and so was unable to do my blog; however I had a fantastic time and learnt a few nifty tricks along the way! unfortunately I didn’t get many photos, but my friends nicked my camera and took a few for me! (You’re welcome guys; these are definitely the most beautiful photos!)

The weekend after, I was revising for my very first GCSE – English Lit. My whole year has taken it early and so my weekend was planned in a way where I could cram in as much information about Macbeth, Jekyll & Hyde, An Inspector Calls, and power and conflict poetry as I possibly could. Or so I thought…

On the Saturday, after work, I went to my first party which wasn’t ideal before a GCSE but that all went smoothly and I got home safely to find that my dad had broken his leg and was in hospital. Well done Dad…

So, Sunday morning consisted of Macbeth revision whilst waiting to hear how Dad’s surgery had gone (he broke his tibia and his fibula and also dislocated his foot completely – plates, pins and screws!!) and Sunday afternoon’s Jekyll & Hyde revision was done at 80mph traveling down the motorway to visit Captain Calamity in hospital.

visiting daddy

Not the ideal weekend or the calm  serenity I was planning for last minute cramming – but hey ho!

Thankfully the exams on Monday and Friday went well and I have positive vibes and am remaining optimistic despite not finishing the paper……ok, so I may have missed the last question completely…… but really….it’s fine!!

I don’t really have an excuse as to why I didn’t do my blog this week but, hey, I’m here now!!



This weeks thanks go to:

Viv P

Georgi P

The lovely Barrs (who I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of years back when we paddled our way down the Ardeche gorge with PGL)

Nick and Stef Sweenie who have offered to pool their resources in student accommodation across the UK to bring in the over shoulder boulder holders! Isn’t that amazing? Thank you guys!

Karen B (who also send a beautiful thank you for the card – it was a lovely surprise… and my mum says “HI!!”)

Charlotte S

Michelle O

Hannah T and the Fulfen Staff (lovely to see my old school supporting me!)

Erasmus Darwin Academy / The Zone staff

Lynne + the girls from Handsworth PS

And not forgetting the fabulous Gaynor who has collected a whopping 118 for me from the ladies at Homeserve! A huge thanks to her! BRAvo!!


Also, another little thanks to my brother and his friends who helped me out this weekend by packaging up bras with me – although I feel like it may have been more of a chore than teenage boy fantasy…

boys helping out
Captain Fantastic managed to break his lid in seconds… *eye roll* he definitely takes after his father!

Our current total is now….


Holy quack!! That’s nearly 2000, come on ladies! Get digging!

In other news, as most of you are aware, my blogging was done to fulfill a further section of my DofE challenge and I am proud to say that the skills challenge of my DofE has now come to an end for this year

*audience sighs and a sob is heard from the corner*

HOWEVER I AM NOT STOPPING …..EVERYBODY STOP CRYING!!! My blog updates will no longer be weekly but I do promise to update as often as I can as the amount of support I’ve received from this blog is unbelievable!  My next half term at schools is crammed full of end of year exams, more DofE expeditions, and end of term swimming badges (for those who don’t know, I work as a swimming assistant with Super Sharkys Swim School

For now, I am off camping for the next few days with my best friend, Georgi, in the Cotswalds before I bury my head again in revision books.  After that I have my next practice DofE expedition …. wheel on the ration packs!!

That’s all for now!!  Thanks for dropping by and…….. let’s get the total over 2000!!!




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