Mount BRAfrica erupts!


Well I must say ladies, you really have done some rummaging in two weeks while I’ve been at Harry Potter World / Warner Bros studios! I had such an amazing time and have the photos to prove it ;)!!!

I digress….

In two weeks we have collected 340 bras meaning our current total (unless I can’t count) is……


Woop woop! 1000+ of my original target!

I managed to make my very own Mount BRAfrica with all the bras…

lots of bras!

Did you appreciate my GIF at the top?  Still increasing my web skills…and yes, I did hide in them and explode from them like a volcano… I should also confess that the final GIF was attempt number 3 – do you know how hard it is to explode from a pile of bras without them becoming attached to your hair??!

Special thanks this week go to:

Gina S

Vanessa S

Sarah P


The Old Mining College (big thanks to Kate W for dropping them in to me)

Massive BRAvos also to Katy C and her lovely daughters, Charlotte and Imogen(with a little help with logistics from Kirsty F), who collected a whole 100 for us! How fantastic is that? Way to go girls!!

Also, don’t fear BRAfrica fans; I have been informed that Michelle O will be dropping in on Sunday with bras for us all! Phew – no longer missing in action!

I dropped into Debonhair the other day to empty her collection box and I ended up coming out with another motherload of bras! Three bags yet again!

another big collect from debonhair

Not forgetting now this week’s count is in – the weekly pile of boxes to be shipped up to Smalls for All

more boxes


In other interesting news before we go onto the plans for the week ahead, I got a mention in Smalls For All’s monthly thank you post and I am so proud to have made it onto that list! It makes all of this worthwhile when you realise that the hundreds of bras you’re sending off are actually going out, helping, and changing lives.

smalls for all mention

So, without further a do, here’s the plan for the  week ahead in the land of BRAfrica!

This week is email writing time – I shall be writing emails to  Staffordshire Outlook and City Life magazines in the hope they may help to publicise BRAfrica and get even more bras – because 1617 is not nearly enough!!

Oh… before I forget! We’ve had no underwear  since my last post! We have, however, had a random bag, a corset (??) and a vest… Didn’t expect to find a corset to be honest!

Moving on to this week’s random bra facts!

According to Rigby & Peller (for those who don’t know who Rigby & Peller are, they are a rather up-market supplier of underwear and they’ve had a Royal Warrant of Appointment to The Queen since 1960):

  • A third of women frequently discard a bra immediately after purchase when they get home and discover it doesn’t fit properly after all
  • 20% admit they haven’t worn lingerie which was bought on impulse
  • 70% would rather wear am old grey bra which feels like a second skin than an expensive new purchase which turns out to be uncomfortable

That’s all for this week!

Thanks for dropping by



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