Neuf cent quarante



Naw cant a deugain



It’s been a bit busy!

This week we have boxed up 250 bras (5 boxes) and had a remaining 50 from last week so we have a total of 6 boxes to send off!  Apparently 6 boxes of 50 is taller than me…


940 bras altogether and 267 this week alone! To put this into perspective for some, with 940 bras I could give every student at Erasmus Darwin Academy a bra and then 10 teachers. Crazy huh?

This week we have had to collect from David Arthur Opticians twice as their collection point has been overflowing! Two bin bags full! What a response!


We also collected  bras from the Old Mining College thanks to the Burntwood Council drop off point!



After collecting bra goodies from the Old Mining College, we dropped off two boxes of 50 which should now be well on their way to Smalls for All!


Speaking of Smalls, I finally received an email from them during the week with a photo of one of my boxes that was found in their warehouse! How cool? I should also be featured on the next thanks list which is such an honour to me as it makes me realise that I am making a difference.


I will be collecting from Debonhair during the week – do not fear ladies I will be in to pick up!

This weeks thanks go to:

David Arthur Opticians and all who dropped their bras there

The Old Mining College and the lovely ladies who left some for us there

Stef S

T Mugg

Laura M

Jordon H

Gill S

Jo G

Caszandra T

Once again no Michelle O!

Michelle O, Michelle O, where for art thou Michelle O?

(note the impressive Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet quote – very impressive when you know I am studying Macbeth and not R&J!)


After two months of me collecting bucket loads of upper-decker-flopper-stoppers,  my school has let me know that they are finally joining the party and plan on sending out messages to parents.  With the huge amounts of bras that we are still receiving, the BRAfrica team (both of us! (thanks Mum!)) have decided to extend the period of time BRAfrica is running for this year. We will now be collecting bras until the end of August instead of April! Wooooo!

Also just a reminder that we do not collect knickers as Smalls For All do not accept them unless they are brand new. So unless you’re willing to buy new packs of panties to donate to women, please do not send in any underwear! Thank you!

Fun Bra Facts!!

  1. Women own, on average, 9 bras
  2. Ancient Greeks thought the Milky Way was made from drops of breast milk of the goddess Hera
  3. The average bra size today is 36C which has changed from a 34B 15 years ago
  4. On average, women will change bra size about six times over
  5. According to studies, British women have the largest breasts with about 50% wearing at least a D cup

Some weird and wonderful facts to get you through the week!

Now, there will unfortunately be no blog next Sunday as I am away in Austria with the school skiing! While I am away, my mum will be packing everything up in a corner ready for when I come home!

That is all for this week; I’m really excited to think that by the next blog post we may be over 1,000 bras.

Thank you for stopping by!





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