An exciting week indeed!

This week has been very very busy for BRAfrica! But before we get onto that, how many bras are we up to now? Let’s see……..


673! We really are smashing this target of 500! Could we get to 1,000 by end of April…? emoji

This week’s thanks go to:


Lisa B

Vanessa S

Debonhair (collection point)

and David Arthur (another drop off point).

No Michelle O!! Send out a search party and an ambulance – she’s missing!

Now for the exciting news!

I’m in the newspaper! I told you all last week that I was interviewed by the Lichfield Mercury, and my face appeared on p.16!

newspaper 23 March

Those who have read the article will be aware that Debonhair in Netherstowe is now an active drop off point for the bras, as well as The Old Mining College in Chasetown and David Arthur Opticians in Lichfield. How exciting! Big thanks to all involved in helping me set up these points and a special thanks to Jayne for her support and assistance!

I met with Pam at the Old Mining College on Monday and, as well as learning a bit about Chasetown itself in their teeny tiny museum, we discussed the topic of bras and had our photo taken with the box and the poster (photos again by Robert Yardley).

having photos taken old mining college

On Friday I also met with Morgan Arthur from David Arthur opticians to officially organise the drop off point and have photos taken (by Mum this time!).  Thanks Morgan!

DavidArthur drop off 24 March

On Monday we also sent off two more boxes to Smalls For All as the office was getting a little full, and today we boxed up another 50! Go girlies!

More boxes! 20 March


I’m sure all you ladies out there have heard of the Moon Walk, however you might not know much about it. Well after this blog you will, don’t worry!

The Moon Walk is where women walk the length of a marathon in the middle of the night around London wearing sassy bras. Yes, sassy bras! The walk serves purpose as it is raising awareness and money for breast cancer. This year’s moon walk is on 17 May.

The Moonwalk or the Walk the Walk first because a thing 20 years ago when 13 women power walked the New York City marathon in their bras to raise awareness for breast cancer. Over the years, word has spread and the charity has encouraged thousands of women to join in and walk the marathon in the dark wearing their bras to raise money and awareness.

I think the Moonwalk is a fantastic way for women to raise money and awareness – hey, I may even consider doing it! RIP my feet if  do!

Thanks all for this week – thanks for dropping by!




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