There’s no stopping me now!

Ladies and gentlemen, you all deserve a huge round of applause because this week BRAfrica has smashed its target of 500 bras by hitting……..605!!


In two months too! But just because we’ve hit target doesn’t mean I don’t want more!! Keep them coming! Imagine how many more lives we can change by the end of April – keep rummaging and searching high and low for your old bras; somebody needs them!

This weeks big thanks go to:

Vanessa S

Kelly M

Mackenzie P

Susan D

and of course – Michelle O!

Katy C and her two adorable daughters Charlotte (4) and Imogen (8) came by to visit us on Monday and get a photo for the girls’ to take to their relevant scouts groups. It is amazing to see how a charitable action can inspire the next generation! It was fabulous to meet the girls and their mom Katy who had travelled all the way from Kingsbury to drop in.  Thank you for coming and BIG thanks for your collection of 72 bras girls!

Imogen and Charlotte

In other exciting news, guess who was interviewed by the Mercury on Thursday? Moi! Andy Kerr was kind enough to meet me in Lichfield and talk to me about BRAfrica and my DofE challenge. We met at Debonhair (118 Netherstowe, Lichfield) which is where BRAfrica’s new drop off point is – thank you Deb for supporting me in this! After the interview, Robert Yardley took photos of me with Deb and Jayne Marks (councillor) to go into the newspaper this week! I’m so grateful to all of them for being so supportive.

Tomorrow I am meeting Robert and another councillor at the Old Mining College in Burntwood to set up another drop off point for you all! (Queens Street, Chasetown).  I’ll post on my Facebook page when the box is in place – yet another drop off point! Wow!

I am so excited for the upcoming month and to see how many bras we can all collect together as a BRAfrica team! Keep your eyes peeled for my face in the Mercury on Thursday too!

This week’s fun bra fact is about the world’s most expensive bra:

Modeled by Gisele Bündchen in 2000, the Red Hot Fantasy Bra is made of red satin and has over 1,300 stones including 300 carats of Thai rubies. It even comes with matching panties; the set costs $15 million…. yikes… braa

Copyright: Getty Images


That’s all for this week!




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