Who’s epic? You’re all epic!

Holy guacamole! A few weeks back we had a huge bra drought and had no new bras arrive, so I begged you all for help and boy did I get it! This week I have hit a grand total of…….


So many bras! You are all absolutely amazing!  This week the office was once again very full of boxes and bags – here’s the video of me going through them all this morning…

Facebook Video

This week’s bra senders are:

Bra Woman (Michelle O – obviously)

Sue T

Jan B

Jackie C

I am also aware that Vanessa S has been helping to collect and has a fair few to be dropped off.  I believe her collection has been done by the lovely staff over at the Good Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfield…… as they haven’t landed this week, it should boost next week’s total!

Also, whoever sent the Love Hearts sweeties – much appreciated and a lovely surprise when opening boxes and counting bras up! Om nom nom!  (if anyone else wants to throw in surprise sweeties….. feel free!!)


I regularly get requests for the address to send bras to – so just to remind you

Taylor’s BRAfrica, The Nut House, 9 Selwyn Road, Burntwood, Staffordshire, WS7 9HU

As this project has been going on for 2 months now, I think it would be a good idea to review why I’m doing this –  for those who don’t know and to refresh the memories of others.

Bras are one of the most needed items of clothing in African countries. Bras are a symbol of wealth for the African women, and they also prevent them from being raped and used for slave labour by others. Bras also support breasts (duh) and of course some women have larger and heavier breasts than others. While the women of Africa are out working to grow crops and looking after their children, their breasts are like constant weights on their chest. I’m sure you all know the back pain larger breasts cause and are aware that bras help stop this by carrying the breasts; the women who do not have the luxury of bras have to suffer back pain and really it’s just not fair.  Owners of bras are often considered more wealthy and/or “cared for” which implies that there is a male in their life.  As such owners of bras are not thought of as being “alone” which makes them less vulnerable and less likely to be attacked or raped.

I myself was not actually aware of this issue – it wasn’t something that really occurred to me, however after doing some research I decided that perhaps I could make a difference to some lives via my DofE Bronze Award by providing those who need them with second-hand bras. But of course I couldn’t do it by myself! My BRAfrica drive has managed to collect 441 bras (8 boxes of 50 have already been sent – that’s over 2 metres of bras (6′ 6″ for those that like imperial measurements). That is 400 people we have made a difference to by clearing out drawers and cupboards for old bras we no longer wear or want.  Such a small effort on our part can make such a tremendous difference to so many other people!!  It’s amazing when you think about it!

All bras are being sent to Smalls For All who have been collecting bras and underwear for years and then sending them to countries in need. Today we have packaged up 4 more boxes, each with 50 bras inside, to send off during the week! In their newsletter for February Smalls for All have recorded that they have now sent 390,288 items of underwear out to Africa and I am very proud to be part of that total figure.

4 more boxes 441

I still cannot quite believe that I am so close to the 500 target that I set when this drive began.   Would it be too difficult to believe that with your help I could exceed target??

That’s all for this week – thanks for dropping by!








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