What a quiet week!

Where have all of these boob-slings gone..?  Anyone would think you’d all ditched me! This week a grand total of zero bras have arrived at the BRAfrica household.

However we do have parcels on the way from Alice L and yet more from Michelle O (where does she keep getting them all from?!). I think it might be time to contact the local newspaper to give this drive a boost!

This week’s exciting news is……. we delivered 3 parcels of bras to Smalls For All – all containing 50 bras! 150 bras are gone; 200 in total. Wow…  That’s 200 people that we have made a difference to.

3 box send off.jpg

This week’s question:

Do you sleep in your bra or not?

If so, here are 6 reasons why you should not sleep in your bra:

1 It has affects the circulation in your chest and breasts

If the wire on your bra is too tight and restricting, or is the bra is a snug fit (like a sports bra) the circulation in your chest can be damaged. This can end up harming your breast tissue over time.

2 It causes restlessness

Being constricted in your sleep can lead to you not getting a good nights sleep. I’m sure nobody likes sleeping in tight clothing as it is very constricting and all around uncomfortable. This is the same situation for your breasts but it is less noticeable. Let your boobs breathe!  

3 There is a possibility of it causing an uneven skin tone

The constant friction of the bra against your skin causes irritation which can therefore lead to discolouration. 


4 It may result in breast fungus (yuck!)

Most women go about their day-to-day life wearing an ill-fitting bra. Bras that are too tight provide a warm, moist environment which fungi looooove. To prevent this, wash your bras regularly and do not wear them 24/7!

5 It causes skin irritation

Obviously the human body was not designed to wear a bra, and so our skin gets irritated when there is constant friction and restriction going on – especially in sensitive areas such as le breasticles. Hooks and straps can dig into your skin and can eventually cause lesions and cysts! EW! 

6 It has an impact of the physiology of your boobs.

Wearing a bra to bed can have an effect on the lymphatic system (a network of tissues which helps the body get rid of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials). This can actually mean that you are hurting your liver, kidneys etc as well as your breasts by wearing a bra to bed. It could also lead to cancer – so let those cancer-free nips be!

All in all, wearing a bra to sleep is more grim than we expected… Will these 6 helpful hints inspire you to get out of your bad (and dirty) habit or not? Let me know!

That’s all I’ve got for this quiet week!




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