Week 4…

We all know the song “It’s Raining Men”, however this week it hasn’t been raining men, but it has been raining bras! I’m beginning to feel a little like Tom Jones with all of this underwear being thrown at me… (cue tragic picture of Tom Jones)



Every time I come home from school, more bras have appeared! Who knew they could take up quite so much space?!

More than double last week’s total of 96, and smashing triple digits by quite some way, we have hit…


205 BRAS!! *fireworks and applause*

200(and 5!)

In one month (!!) I have almost reached half of my target! Wow! The support has been overwhelming – thank you, thank you, thank you!


This week I have also made colletion boxes for my drop off points and the first one has gone to school and into the safe hands of Mr Foster so my school friends can look forward to falling over it in the weeks ahead! Word is spreading and you will be able to see them in other schools and shops soon! If you want to volunteer a drop off point and want a box, email me at: tinkymoo@icloud.com.


Big shout outs this week go to:

Michelle O

Melanie S

Sue F

Leonie P

Lesley W

Sallie C

Lisa B

Kirsty F

Charlotte P

and Nanny (June B)!

The first package of 50 was sent on Monday and arrived safely in Scotland on Friday. I think Smalls For All will be a bit shocked when another 150 bras show up in their post soon…

I don’t know about you but I find it kind of strange to think that all of these unused bras are just lurking at the bottom of drawers and wardrobes waiting to be found!

It’s half term week and, as well as revising for my English mock in March and the bucket load of tests I have when school begins again, I’ve got to continue working on my web skills so I will try to make a video during the week to upload next week.

Fun fact of the week: There is a bra that doubles as a gas mask! It is supposed to be snapped off in the case of an emergency and placed over the mouth; it is kept in place via the straps.



That’s it for this week, thanks for dropping by!



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