Almost 100!

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!  Drum roll please………….9696 bras! 96!! 4 short of 100 (because my maths is just that good!)  The first package has been wrapped up and is ready to be sent off!!!

Big shout outs of thanks this week go to:

Hannah T, Emma F, and Tamsin N for you packages.  Also thanks to Helly D at for her package (anyone looking for stress relief, mindfullness, and balance in their lives should check Helly out!) Your contributions are fantastic girls and very much appreciated!  I’m loving coming in from school to find packages from the postman.

Plans for further promoting the challenge in the week ahead.

a) Get in touch with local groups to see if they can help promote my challenge.  I volunteered at a local music festival last year and I am hoping that the organisers can help out with some promotional posts.  Here’s a photo of me rocking the high vis look – my first experience of volunteering and learning that volunteering can be good fun!


b)  Boxes need putting into school and into local shops as drop off points.

c)  I need to work on designing posters for local business to put up to help promote the challenge.

This week’s Fun Facts are about the history of the bra…”oooh” “ahhhhh”!

  1. The first ‘bra’ was simply just a cloth that was wrapped around a woman’s breasts to minimise the size of them, due to large breasts being seen as ‘undesirable’ (oh how times have changed…)


2. In the 1970s there was a ‘nipple-bra’ which has a built-in nipple for a ‘naturally cold’ look… :/ Okay…


3.  In 2009, Lisca created a Smart Memory Bra which reacts to body temperature! It expands with heat to allow your boobs to breathe, and contracts with the cold to keep you nice and cosy! Apparently it’s said to be so comfy, its like a second skin! Where can I get one of these?! (Amazon apparently!!)


If you want to learn more about the interesting history of your upper-decker-flopper-stoppers, this video is  for you!  I did want to embed the video into the blog post but apparently I need to pay to upgrade my blog to do that (boo hiss) – I’ll see if I can find a work around for that!

That’s it for this week!!










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