How many bras?

As the end of week two draws near… can I have a drum roll please?




After two weeks of hard campaigning the current total of bras received is



60 received – leaving 440 to go!

Massive shouts out to the amazing Seager girls for their efforts.  Big thanks to Super Dry Susie (she’s not very waterproof ;))  for her particularly large collection of boob slings – I’m sure that her daughter will be able to house many more small creatures and reptiles in the enormous amount of newly discovered space at their house – perhaps even a donkey?

Big thanks also to my mother’s school friends – a lovely parcel was received from Paula Knight and I know that Kim Smith is also raising awareness and collecting at St Helens’ Council.  Special thanks also to Steve’s mum – and of course to Steve himself for dropping them off at the Nut House!

I was thrilled to received a lovely email from Katy Carr who has been going great guns with collecting – 25 at last count!

In other news BRAfrica now has an Instagram! *fireworks*


Instagram, as well as contributing to my skills section of my DofE, is another way of raising awareness as well as being another way in which you can contact me about sending bras over or to ask me questions. Twitter should be coming in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled!

I hope to make contact with Smalls For All about sending my first parcel up to them. I’m hoping that, if I take photos this end of me sending them off, they will take photos of them receiving them, and hopefully we can both use the pictures to promote our cause.

And finally, bras, boob-slings, over-shoulder-boulder-holders. What’s your favourite name for a bra? Personally, mine is upper-decker-flopper-stopper! I would love to hear yours! Tag me on Instagram (@brafrica.challenge), Facebook (@TaylorBRAfrica), or email me here. I’d love to hear any other funny names you have heard.


That’s it for this week! Byeeeeeeeeeeee!


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