WOW! What a week!


This week has been the most amazing first week for BRAfrica! First of all we received our first bundle of bras – yay! Massive thanks to Karen who dropped in 8 bras at the beginning of this week. We have also had messages from family and friends who are all turfing out their old bras – it sounds as though the postman is going to be very busy next week!

Some more exciting news: BRAfrica now has a Facebook page (!!!) which, within the first two days, got a whole lot of love and support. It would be amazing if you could help us spread the word by following it and sharing it for all to see! It can be found by searching @TaylorBRAfrica in the Facebook search bar, if you start typing it should be automatic – thank you!  Fingers crossed the power of Facebook will help spread the word.

This week I also spoke to the teacher/assessor of the Year 10 DofE Bronze award, Mr Foster, about BRAfrica to see if the school could somehow promote it to parents and to my fellow students.  Having been taught by Mr Foster for the past 3 years, I was amazed to see a whole range of new emotions on his face.  It turns out that frowning at me is not his only facial expression (my dislike of running is very close to that shown by James May).  During our talk he also managed surprise, a touch of embarrassment, amazement, and in the end – happiness – who knew!?  He had a very positive response and should currently be looking into having bra collection boxes in the girls’ changing rooms and one in reception for mums and teachers who are willing to donate.  Mr Foster also raised the possibility of advertising my challenge on the school website! How cool? I have also sent him an email containing the link to this blog, the BRAfrica Facebook page, and a brief of this charitable act.  Having got off to rough with Mr Foster during my early years at EDA (I may have exaggerated my dislike of ball sports to almost a phobia!) I was thrilled that Mr Foster was so positive!

I have also had preliminary discussions with some local businesses for promotion.  I feel that this could be very positive for both promoting my challenge and a good opportunity for local business to raise their profile.   It’s amazing to see just how supportive people can be when it comes to helping others.

The initial love and support BRAfrica has already received is overwhelming and I cannot express to you all just how excited I am for the future of BRAfrica. Who knows how many lives we can change? As a 14 year old, this is very big for me and I am grateful to everyone who has gotten involved so far in this fun and exciting project.

In the upcoming week BRAfrica can look forward to getting a brand new Instagram and Twitter account to further promote us and contact even more willing women. Keep your eyes peeled!

Does anyone have any further ideas for promotion or do you have a business that would like to get involved?  I’d love to hear from you.






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