Why bras?

Did you know that bras are one of the most needed things in the countries of Africa? I didn’t! Not until my wonderful mother inspired me to help women less fortunate than myself in other countries. In first world countries, most women will complain that bras are such an inconvenience. They’re uncomfortable, the straps constantly fall down, you name it; we complain about it. However, women living in poverty, in slums, in mud huts – they would be so incredibly happy to own one simple bra, even if it was too small or too large. Bras are seen to be a safety item there, and if woman wears a bra there is a lower chance of her being raped and used as a slave! So, I decided that I should collect as many second hand bras as possible that I can send to a company who will transport them to the women of Africa who need them most.

My first goal is to collect 500 bras!

I have already spoken to family friends and a colleague of mine who have agreed to helping me get a head start. My mother’s two friends, Hannah and Sue, have put aside 29 and 19 bras for me – 48 bras in one day from two generous women. Imagine what we can do with a community of willing women in the areas of Burntwood and Lichfield, and through the power of networking throughout the UK!

If you are, or know anyone who would be, willing to donate any second hand bras, please feel free to share this blog until I have set areas where your bras can be collected!



2 thoughts on “Why bras?

  1. What a great idea I am happy to support this and will see who I can get to help – what an inspiring 14 year old you are
    Well done on making the world a better place – please keep
    Me updated


    1. Wow, thank you so much!! I’ll be updating with blogs a minimum of once a week with how many bras I’ve received etc so feel free to read those. Thank you for the support – it means the world!!


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